Entrepreneurial coaching

Specificities and success drivers

Independent businesses are becoming more and more like El Dorado. This reflects the ambitions of the modern businessman. But becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. Sometimes it makes sense to ask for help.

Business plan

Business plan

This document is needed to draw up a plan and obtain external funding.

Legal status

Legal status

This has a number of important commercial and tax implications.

Business name

Business name

The company name identifies the business activity of the company.

Market research

Market research

Entering new markets

Retaining customers is necessary, but not always sufficient. The number of customers inevitably decreases every year. It is therefore important at this stage to develop a strategy to gain access to new markets and new customers. Find out more at www.alcimed.com.

Before choosing the best strategy for your business, you should research your competitors and analyse your current overall strategy. Discuss your strategy with your partners, managers and account managers. Test it out with your customers before expanding your product range.

Launch an innovative product

With disruptive innovation and increasing competition, innovation has become an important strategy for companies. In order to create innovative products, companies and start-ups need to choose the innovation strategy that best suits their objectives.

Organising like a PRO

Organising like

Increasing productivity and efficiency is an important challenge for companies. Eisenhower agencies can help you save valuable time.

Communicate with your customers

Communicate with your customers

Communicating with customers is an important activity for any company. Without customers, a brand cannot exist. It is therefore important to establish good relationships with them.

Collaborate with the team

Collaborate with the team

Teamwork and collaboration means working as a team and cooperating with other team members to achieve common work goals.

Web Identity

Creating your Web Identity

The digital visual identity is one of the most important elements of a brand identity, as it is part of the brand. Therefore, if you want to improve your brand image, you need to develop your visual identity and vice versa.

Selling online

Selling online, invoicing online

With Canva’s invoicing tool, you can create professional electronic invoices for your customers in minutes. With one template, you can create invoices for multiple clients without having to create them from scratch.

From Creator to Leader

The entrepreneurial journey

Becoming an entrepreneur means taking your destiny into your own hands and embarking on an adventure you never imagined. The road to entrepreneurship is full of obstacles, and each step leads to new skills. Starting a business can not be random. To be successful, a business must first have a clear strategy.

Strategic Development

Strategies for growing your business

Product development

Product development is a risky venture that requires a valuable investment of time and resources with no guarantee of success.

Market Expansion

A good starting point is a free online market analysis tool.

Product diversification

There are two ways to do this: vertical integration and horizontal integration.

success in entrepreneurship


The key to success in entrepreneurship

The company will automatically evolve according to this vision. This can be the key differentiator between a business that is growing rapidly at one point, not growing at all, or changing significantly over time. If you feel you have strayed from your original path, it is time to reflect and define what success means to you.